вторник, 3 мая 2011 г.

Wether - Walking Through Black Prisms Cassette, No Kings 2011

Thanks to Lee for sharing this.

Wether - Walking Through Black Prisms Cassette

Here we have two tracks. The first one is more pushy and assertive. Using quite gruff and rectilinear noise schemes, the sound manages to achieve a panoptic meaning an value. The collision does not happen. One's just rattling thro the air masses trying to catch and snatch away disappearing objects.
Second track is more remote. Intense and melodic drones suffuse the environment with strange warm light. The sound structure reminds me slightly honed but still a bit hackly stone. This stone levitates. At the end of the track it slowly reaches the surface and cleaves asunder revealing mellow and vital juice.
Very interesting tape from amazing Mike Haley who also runs 905 Tapes label.
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