вторник, 31 мая 2011 г.

Beartown records Cassettes 1

Just received a goodie bag with five amazing noise gems from Beartown records, located in London.


This awesome tape opens with croaky and stertorous noise lines falling over the sound horizon. Mild and a bit awry synth curves appear a second later and create a constant crystalliform excrescence which makes the first track somehow endless and meditative. Side B starts with massive lacerated vociferance. However its yielding structure succumbs to the more persistent and voiceless machine kinks.
Great stuff!


Kids are running through the fields of hop and wheat. Kinds are running. Kids are running through the fields fast...
What we can hear on this tape seems to be a rabid short wave, though there is a kind of trueness in all those elastic voices and rare rattletrap steel percussion. We stumble across more noise efforts on another side. One quenches the fire and pulls little naked people out of the cinder. They shimmer and cry creating phantasmagorical sound scheme. 
Absolutely freak and very inspiring work.

Petals - Kodiak Gold - Slump Cassette 

Here we have a mail collaboration between three noise masters.
24 minute of nervous vibrations, crimp drones and merciless dry electronics mantle a listener with a consistent veil of billowy and heart-pounding darkness. Pale hands and pale faces detonate in that darkness as pink discordant fountains slowly gravitating on auricular nerves. 24 minute of unrest and flurrying waiting.
Firm, lo-fi and quite abstract noise drama.

Buy all these fantastic tapes directly from Beartown Records

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