вторник, 10 мая 2011 г.

Cankun - Ethiopian Dreams, Hands in the dark, 2011

Many thanks to M. and O.

Cankun - Ethiopian Dreams CD

Here we've got sounds bundled up with tropical guitar conatus and lo-fi vocals which make one flee the couch and run and jump chaotically with closed eyes. Electronic beats prodigiously appease blithely sharpened synth cues . Plump bass drops and a bit off-key guitar overtones attack the static drum structure precipitating unpredictable mutations. Few noisy tracks make the whole thing more atavistic and field while drony and melodic pieces give some positive freshness to the record.
Very diverse and somehow stylish thing.
Cankun is the new project led by Vincent Caylet (Archers by the Sea).
Get it immediately from Hands in the dark records.  

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