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DDb Interview Series (1007) - Sangoplasmo records

Here's a nice chat with Lubomir, a nice guy running awesome tape-label Sangoplasmo records.
Please visit label's site for more information about releases.

So how did you come to the idea of Sangoplasmo?

Since 2007 I’ve been a netlabel By?em Kobieta records where I release very different stuff, but the most important theme in our releases is randan, which means fun and play. Albums mostly explore varied forms of playing with conventions, often easy-listening nice and shibby music or well-done pop hits but some oft hem are also almost pure conceptual soundworks, a few of them were also released as CD-R’s. Some time ago I was thinking intensively about releasing my friend’s band, a great post-disco polo/hypnagogic pop band Damiano CZ on a tape. I gave up that idea but still wanted to release some tapes.

What do you feel about independent scene in Poland? How are thing going there?

That’s not an easy question. I’m pretty sure we’ve got lots of great harshnoise and related projects here. We also had a few really great labels like OBUH Records or Mik.Musik.!. but they no longer exist.

Tell a bit about Aranos’ release. How did it happen?

It was 2007, the fifth edition of Wroclaw Industrial Festival. I had just seen his show for the first time and I was totally in love with his performance. He was playing for about 2,5 hours, walking on hands and doing amazing things with his violin. Then I met him in Prague last year and decided to write an email a few months later.

It’s a fact that cassette culture becomes more and more popular in experimental music world. However, though vinyl definitely can compete with digital formats,cassette is a completely different story. So, why tapes?

Cassettes sound and look exceptional, everybody knows that. And they are much cheaper than vinyls.

You have two upcoming tapes. Tell about these projects.

In fact they’ve been out for a few days. First one is a tape by FOLJA, a great guy fromWarsaw. His tape was planned to be the first release in Sangoplasmo records but he needed more time. So we’ve just released his EP on bandcamp.com. It’s a long story but then he was leaving his CD-rs in strange places for some time and made a series of films about it. And now, finally we’ve released Pompa Funebris album, incredible sounds of ritual electronica. The second tape is a split by Norwegian duo Bjerga/Iversen and a Polish artist Yellow Belly. The first track is a great ambient/drone recording, the second one is more like a harsh noise wall. Both contain great field-recordings which are mostly bird voices. Now I’m preparing to release two or even three new tapes soon. 

Next question I will propose to every person in DDb interview series.
What has changed in independent music world with the developing and spreading of theWeb?
Any positive improvements? Any negative repercussions?

There are plenty of positive improvements. Like uploading rare albums, quick contact witheveryone, easy promotion, or music blogs, just like yours. The only downside is that I’m addicted now, damn.

Can you name some artist you admire most? Maybe those who you’d have wished to see in Sangoplasmo catalogue?

I’m a really big fan of Nurse With Wound and related guys like Andrew Liles or Matthew Waldron. And yes, I definitely wish to see them in Sangoplasmo catalogue someday.

How does the label’s name reflect its motto/ideology? How did you think it out?

Sangoplasmo is the esperanto’s name for blood plasma. Our logotype is the upside down sign invented by Wilhelm Reich and related to his orgone theory.

You have just started Sangoplasmo. What about demos? Do you receive lots of material?

I receive about one demo a week but most of them don’t feel really close to my idea of the label. I mean they’re often great stuff but just don’t fit with Sangoplasmo. To be honest, I really enjoy searching through the internet and finding artists by myself.

Any long-term plans for the future? Can you foresee what will be going on with thelabel in the future?

I hope it will be possible for Sangoplasmo to start releasing also some vinyls in thefuture.

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