среда, 18 мая 2011 г.

Derek Rogers, Wild Safari Cassettes - Bathetic Records 2011

Two new cassettes on Bathetic!
Many thanks to Jon for sending previews.

Derek Rogers - Relative Quiet Cassette 

Here's a new 6-track work from well-known sound-maker Derek Rogers.
That's what Bathetic says:
'With Relative Quiet, Derek Rogers offers us 6 tracks of shimmering ambiance. Tremulous tones flirt with the sensitive areas of your psyche while the bass coos you into slumber. This cassette drifts into areas not too removed from the likes of Tim Hecker, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, or Grasslung. '

Wild Safari - We Laid Our Heads In Their Laps Cassette

Wild Safari is a collaborative project between Bathetic's owner Jon Hency and William Cody Watson (ex-Pink Prist). The sound is tender and minimal. Hazy drones airily confuse nonchalant souls.
Wild Safari 'lay down sonic tumblers that drift in and out of nostalgic, schoolyard sidewalks into lush forests' (Bathetic).

Buy both cassettes from Bathetic

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