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DATASHOCK Pyramiden Von Gießen 2LP, Dekorder 2011

Many thanks to P. for sending material.

DATASHOCK - Pyramiden Von Gießen 2LP

Here we have 10 tracks of krautish magmatic crinckling. The sound does not expand but seemingly strikes into itself. Glancing electronics and twiggy faded guitar plunks create some kind of hardpan for the whole record. Each track possesses a fissile and progressive organic system appearing a nice bait for unhep and a bit lo-fi drums. Who's a fucking king here, ha? Give me the name! Dotty-botchy criminal tunes are here to fill up the gap wich's sucking the world into a small wood box where everything becomes a part of the clown's costume. This amazing record balances between some criticalness of philosophical approaches (which are always subliminal in sound art) and easiness of fresh and dancy meditation.
I give up tho. Dance smart, folks!
Datashock is a collective of experimentalists from Germany.
Buy the record from great Dekorder.

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