понедельник, 9 мая 2011 г.

Expo' 70 - Sonic Messenger 2LP, Beta lactam Ring records, 2010

Just received this a few days ago.
Great stuff:

Expo' 70 - Sonic Messenger 2LP

Curiosity. The powerful leashes of those who leave. 9 architectural ballads reflected images and echoic time movements. Untended guitar improvisations and recurrent nostalgic signals walk bodkin with elegant synth and forbearing acoustic drums. There's no compositional structure here. The sound operates rather on the level of naturalness of corneal reflexes. A listener moves to the point where one should by one's will discard all external spangle and find the ONLY thing that matters. Nine very spacey, sometimes kraut, sometimes synth sound scouts.
Highly recommended. 
Buy from Beta lactam Ring or distributors.

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