четверг, 5 мая 2011 г.

bjerga/iversen + yellow belly, folja - sangoplasmo 2011

Thanks to Lubomir for providing these great cassettes.

bjerga/iversen + yellow belly Split Cassette

Here is the split from bjerga/iversen and polish artist yellow belly.
Norwegian duo on the side A delivers a very aerial and wispish drone story. Light sound flakes fit into unique, consistent canvas. The whole thing looks more like a sketchy vignette rather than a thoughtful finished track which adds some field aesthetic to the work. Lunar and obtuse vibes stream through the space filling up cosmic interstices. Side B opens with some field sounds and inexorably turns into a severe noise shower which seems not harsh but rather hispid and heart-searching.
Excellent work.

Folja - Pompa Funebris Cassette

This is absolutely amazing! Honestly, this 9-track gem simply blew my mind. Beautiful, mesmerizing electronics with some dub allusions and abstract experimental sounds open for you the door into a really special world. Psychedelic and heavy beats absorb one's thoughts leaving an absolutely blank space where melodic tones plant magical seeds and joyfully poussette around shoots and burgeons. Each track is extremely sincere, truly experimental and irrevocably splendid.
The best tape of this year up to date, with no doubts.
Folja is a sound/visual artist based in Poland.

Buy these cassettes directly from Sangoplasmo.

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