воскресенье, 30 октября 2011 г.

Giant Claw - “Tunnel Mind” cassette - Digitalis 2011

Giant Claw - “Tunnel Mind” cassette

These freaky funny ala 'Supermarket in California' flowers look brutal at the second glance, ha? And I do understand the disgust one can feel to this tape though I do understand how one can like this disgust. Wow! Stop rising, flower! Emerging electronics raisin is yet wet and full of juicy moonlight. The rebelling spirit of 60s and then 80s with all those post-s and neo-s and then Ed Wood's movies and Italian zombies.. whahh.. all these pictures and smells... aren't they freaky funny? Aren't they freaky fast-minded and dramatic? Aren't they worth contemplating suicide i. e. leaving this pink planet and approaching the red east hiding in all those black holes which really start their lives under your own nails. Check you hands.
Buy this phantasmal dystopia created by amazing Keith Rankin from Digitalis.    

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