воскресенье, 30 октября 2011 г.

Cloudland Ballroom – Infinite Mind Cassette - Sonic Meditations 2011

Cloudland Ballroom – Infinite Mind Cassette 

Here we have another music gift from one of the best contemporary synth masters - James . Moore. Two long pieces cover the analogue tape packed and released by J. Wright's Sonic Meditations. The fist track begins as a soundtrack to a bit scary drama or psychological crime story. This music forces one to keep an eye on details and wait for unsuspected turnovers (mind takeovers though..). Starting from the middle sound scenes start to remind Clint Mansell's works and one inevitably moves to the chess desk - time to take responsibility for moving the figures of subconsciousness. Side A is more unstable. This is the music of the path-breakers from the medieval times. Cold, dissonant, mint. Look forward, pals...
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