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Lee Noble - Horrorism LP - Bathetic records 2011

Lee Noble - Horrorism LP

 I don't know why but this record is totally romantic for me, though certain tacks and titles try to put another feeling into my mind I can't stop perceiving it as a simple beautiful and very powerful romantic story. Yes, surely it deals with somehow (oddly!!!...) all aspects of one's life the main oscillating line still points the heart. I am not going to flatter but this LP, this romantic fountain of discreet emotions is now the top-1 this year for me. Ten tracks (last track is fucking best music piece for the last decade!...) open up as a sick-hearted flower-bud. Well. I also can't get rid of one allusion. Have you read 'Sometimes a Great Notion'? Pretty much the same feelings. Genius!
Very highly recommended.
Released by Bathetic records.   

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