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Merzbow · Dead Zone CD - Quasi Pop 2011

Merzbow · Dead Zone CD

I am really sorry but I am not gonna add anything to this:
'The multi-billions trasinternational concerns think we want more and more cars, computers and mobile phones. For offering all these crap to us for cheap, they need more and more cheap energy. They want nuclear power plants which are powerful and good in making money, but this technology is extremely dangerous for the people and for our planet. To get a cheap plastic junk today, we are agree to kill our child's future today. We have already had two colossal nuclear disasters in only last 25 years: Chernobyl (Ukraine) in 1986 and Fukushima (Japan) in 2011. There are lots of information everywhere about the sas consequences of both and do we really need more proofs?'
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