пятница, 2 сентября 2011 г.

Varropas / Rainbow Valley - Split Cassette - Jozik records 2011

Varropas / Rainbow Valley - Split Cassette

Here comes a split between a duo from Finland Varropas and UK-based project Rainbow Valley. Both act in the field of synth music while using quite different approach. On the side A one becomes a witness of a calm prayer of a tired person. This music is totally descriptive and uses very simple structure however managing to draw one's attention to each sound as if to the importance of each second of the life. Side B is occupied by less dormant material. Trembling free-wheeling sound pieces create a heart-pounding atmosphere. While exploring three different stories each of which shows really hysterical mood along with definite melodiousness, one is now left without a story-teller and starts to dream up his own world... 
Buy the cassette from Jozik records.  

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