пятница, 2 сентября 2011 г.

Banana Pill / Timothy C Holehouse split cassette - jozik recods 2011

Banana Pill / Timothy C Holehouse split cassette

This wonderful tape opens with unstable bitter guitar chords produced by Helsinki-based duo. As far as the flat story gets developed we can hear a blues harp and teremin-like ambient sounds which deliver a feeling of a really cold and sad mood of the North. On the side B we discover some less melodic but more diverse sound that actually is a collage giving us a chance to see many different images seen by one pair of eyes during the day. Morning, lasting dream, hot coffee, empty street, over-peopled tube, lunch, bothering work-mates, barroom, evening, clock that you should check with so that not to miss the telephone call. Patient, intelligent music.
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