пятница, 2 сентября 2011 г.

Guanaco ± ‘Ardea Cinerea’ cassette - Sweat Lodge Guru 2011

Guanaco ± ‘Ardea Cinerea’ cassette

Well, I didn't like this tape when I heard it first time. Actually, I still don't like it. But - I am listening to it again right now and will listen again for sure. And I think there's nothing strange about such situation. Something attracts me in this music. Something calls me into the scary unpleasant places. This is just a trick of subconsciousness. Low ambient fibres show the way without even touching you, they just dance in front of you without even looking at you... This annoys you and you're starting to chase them, again without even thinking about the proper reason why you're chasing them. And when they disappear you feel disappointed. You feel that you have to experience this one more time...

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