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THE DREAMS - Morbido cassette - Yerevan Tapes 2011

THE DREAMS - Morbido cassette

Did you know that the guys from the beautiful Avant! label have just launched a new tape label? No? Then you must check this out. Their first release is undoubtedly one of the best records this year. A duo from France, The Dreams come up with twelve songs on their first album and hit the mark! Their music is fresh, dancy, ambitious, honest and fucking awesome! I can hardly classify the style precisely but if I've had to use only three tags I'd have said they're making a real dark wave-reggae. However this tape is so ripe for surprises! Dub collisions, lo-fi synth melodies, greasy guitar, amazing vocals and perfectly measured dollop of noise craziness.
Can't stop listening to it. Highly recommended, i. e. a must!
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